How can I see the payments I made for my Nomad subscription?

How can I see the payments I made for my Nomad subscription?

You can see the payments you have made on your Nomad subscription at anytime by visiting your Nomad customer portal! From your customer portal, you can change or edit your payment method on file, view your Nomad subscription(s), and view all payments you made for your Nomad subscription(s). 

Here is more information on how to pay your bill or how to change your payment method on file with Nomad.
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      There can be a couple of different reasons why you do not see your Friend discount on your bill. The first, and most common reason, you may not see your Friend discount is because your Friend has not been a Nomad customer for more than 30 days. In ...
    • What if my service disconnected before payment was made?

      If your service disconnected before your payment was made on your invoice, please allow your Nomad modem 30 minutes to reestablish its signal to the closest tower. If your service has not restored after 30 minutes, please power cycle your modem by ...
    • Do I need a Nomad subscription with my free Nomad Omega referral?

      Yes, although your Membership is waived for your Nomad Omega, you still need to pay for a monthly subscription with Nomad Internet. Upon checkout, you will continue to pay for your first month of service and non-refundable activation fees.
    • Does the condition of my returned modem matter?

      Yes, if you decide to cancel your subscription with Nomad Internet, the condition your modem returned matters as the modems are the property of Nomad Internet. Per Nomad's terms of service Section 4.2 Modems are required to be returned in the manner ...
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