Where is my refund?

Where is my refund?

Once your Nomad modem is delivered back to our warehouse, please allow 12-14 business days for your Nomad modem to be processed, inspected and tested accordingly. You will be notified via email once your modem begins to process back in our warehouse.

*Please note: Nomad cannot begin your return and refund process until your Nomad modem has been delivered back to our warehouse. We recommend you use a carrier that provides tracking information so we can verify that your Nomad modem has been returned. 

Please review our Terms of Service for further information regarding our return and refund policy.

If you have any billing questions or concerns, please fill out our ticket request form here, or speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives on live chat on our website! You may also contact us directly at 210-598-5949.
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