What is a membership fee?

What is a membership fee?

Upon purchase, you will pay a one-time activation fee for your membership. Membership is a lease payment for the use of Nomad's modems. The membership cost includes; the cost of setup, administration, support for each subscription, unlimited technical support, device monitoring, and the use of one of Nomad's modems for the best rural Internet service. 

You may cancel your Nomad subscription at anytime by submitting a ticket to request cancellation. 

Please read here about our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Also, please read more here about why you may receive a used modem
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    • Can I change from Nomad Flex Pay to the one-time rental fee?

      Yes! If you opted to be in our Nomad Flex Pay program upon sign up and are paying monthly for your equipment rental, you can switch to paying the one-time rental fee at anytime. Once you switch to the one-time rental fee, you will not have any ...
    • Why was I charged a fee after I submitted a credit card dispute dispute?

      Per our Terms of Service, Nomad Internet reserves the right to charge a $25 fee for each dispute filed as Nomad Internet is charged a dispute fee by our payment processor for every occurrence. We try and make every effort to resolve your request. We ...
    • What is your 7-day Money Back Guarantee?

      Nomad believes in our services and products. So much so, that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If for any reason, you decide to not keep your Nomad service, you have up to 7-days to cancel your services from the moment your modem ...
    • I canceled my account and received RMA instructions, now what?

      After your cancellation gets approved by our team here at Nomad, you will soon receive RMA instructions to the email address you have on file with us. The RMA instructions contain specific directions on how and where to send your modem back to and ...
    • What are non-refundable charges?

      Non-refundable charges include your Service Activation Fee, Account Set up Fee, and shipping. Please refer to our Terms of Service in Section 2: The Account Set up Fee is a one-time Fee so that our team can verify, test, quality-check and process ...