What does my invited Friend get on the Friends of Nomad program?

What does my invited Friend get on the Friends of Nomad program?

When you invite your Friend to the Friends of Nomad program, they will receive 15% off of their order. 
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      Nomad Community Programs 5 for Life Give 5 Free Modems & Get Free Internet for Life Who is it for: existing Nomad customers What does the Member get: Free Month of Nomad Service. After 5 active friends, your Nomad Internet is free! What does the ...
    • What is Friends of Nomad?

      Friends of Nomad is a new way to get Nomad Internet for less. You can share affordable rural internet by inviting up to 5 friends to join Nomad Internet. Every friend you invite will save you $10 per month. Each invited friend will also save 15% off ...
    • Will I still get my monthly discount if an invited Nomad Friend signs up after 30 days?

      Absolutely. If an invited Friend signs up in the future, we will apply the Friends of Nomad discount after they have been an active customer with Nomad Internet for 30 days. After their 30 days, your Friends of Nomad discount will automatically apply ...
    • How long will my Friends of Nomad Discount stay active?

      Your Friends of Nomad Discount will stay active as long as your invited Friend has an active Nomad subscription.
    • What do I do if an invited Nomad Friend cancels their subscription?

      We understand that life happens! If one of your Friend's are no longer an active Nomad customer, you will have the ability to invite another friend to replace the Friend that is leaving. Otherwise, there is nothing you need to do! We will ...