What do the LED lights and colors mean on my Nomad Omega

What do the LED lights and colors mean on my Nomad Omega

White (Fast Blinking) = Firmware is updating (FOTA). Shows only white firmware is being installed or before FOTA reboot for 1-2 seconds. 
White (Slow Blinking) = System is booting. Shows until device is ready to show signal status.
White (Solid) = Passing signal. Shows after device is ready if the device is passing signal.
White (50% Bright) = Setup complete. Lower the brightness after 5 minutes of passing signal.

Red (Hard Blinking) = No SIM card
Red (Soft Blinking) = FW Error. Device has fatal error.

Green (Solid Green) = WiFi disabled by user. If user disables WiFi through settings, but device is still passing signal.

Yellow (Fast Blinking) = Factory reset. Shows after pressing hard-rest button until device restarts. 

Blue (Hard Blinking) = WPS Pairing. Shows for 2-minutes after WPS button is pressed or until pairing is completed. 
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