How do I get assistance setting up my modem?

How do I get assistance setting up my modem?

Each modem we send out has a set up guide sheet included. In most cases, this is all you need to complete your set up and start receiving the best rural wireless internet service in the country!

To begin, please download the Nomad Internet app from your App Store or Google Play Store. From here, you will need to follow the prompts to activate your Nomad Internet services.

If, however, you reach a road block or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at 210-598-5949 , through live chat on our website or by sending a ticket by using our online form here.

Please find your modem below to access its setup guide:

Nomad Ark

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    • Why is my modem used?

      All modem's are the property of Nomad Internet. When you order with Nomad, you may or may not receive a brand new modem. All modem's are quality tested and verified before leaving our warehouse. A used modem will function at the same excellent ...
    • Does the condition of my returned modem matter?

      Yes, if you decide to cancel your subscription with Nomad Internet, the condition your modem returned matters as the modems are the property of Nomad Internet. Per Nomad's terms of service Section 4.2 Modems are required to be returned in the manner ...
    • Where do I place my modem?

      Placing your modem in the right spot matters. The closer you can get your modem to a window the better but in a window is ALWAYS best. This gives your modem the opportunity to connect to the nearest tower. Ensure your modem is free of obstructions ...
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      After you receive your modem, it is now ready to be activated. In order to activate your modem, please visit your App Store or Google Play Store and locate the Nomad Internet app. After you download the Nomad Internet app, please open your app and ...
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