Do you do credit checks?

Do you do credit checks?

No, Nomad does not have credit requirements to receive service. No credit checks are required to purchase from Nomad. 

Please see additional information helpful information from our knowledge base:

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    • Why was I charged a fee after I submitted a credit card dispute dispute?

      Per our Terms of Service, Nomad Internet reserves the right to charge a $25 fee for each dispute filed as Nomad Internet is charged a dispute fee by our payment processor for every occurrence. We try and make every effort to resolve your request. We ...
    • Can I pay by check?

      Unfortunately not right now. Presently, Nomad Internet accepts either a credit or debit card. You may add or change your debit or credit card simply by visiting your Nomad customer portal !
    • Why am I being auto-billed?

      Per Nomad Internet's Terms of Service, a credit or debit card must be on file for your subscription. You may visit your Nomad customer portal at anytime to change or edit your payment details on file. Here are some other knowledge base articles you ...
    • How do I change my auto-pay payment method?

      You can login to your Nomad customer portal anytime to access and change your payment method, review your payment history, and see your subscription(s) with Nomad Internet. Simply login to your Nomad customer portal and edit your payment details ...