How do I get free internet for life?

How do I get free internet for life?

Once you have 5 referrals on your account using your unique referral link, and each referral has had an active Nomad subscription subscription for 30 days, you will get free internet for life! To continue receiving free Internet, you must maintain 5 active referrals. 
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    • Do I really get free Internet for life on the Five 4 Life Program?

      Yes! As long as you have 5 referrals that have an active Nomad subscription, you will get free Internet. Please read more about how to get free Internet for life!
    • I had Free Internet for Life, and now I don't, what happened?

      To maintain Free Internet for Life, you must have 5 active referrals associated with your account. If one of your referrals decides to cancel their Nomad subscription, your subscription will automatically resume on the normal plan rate with your next ...
    • Do I get to keep my free Nomad Omega?

      Membership for the Nomad Omega is free using your friend's referral link. For as long as you are a customer of Nomad Internet, you can keep your Nomad Omega! Please visit our other helpful articles, like Do I have to pay for a Subscription with my ...
    • How do I contact Nomad Internet?

      We strive to make contacting Nomad Internet as quick and simple as possible by providing multiple channels to contact us through. You may contact us directly by phone by calling 210-598-5949. You may contact us via live chat on our website here. You ...
    • How do I sign up for the Five 4 Life Program?

      Any existing Nomad customer can participate in the Five 4 Life Program. To sign up, please visit