Do I need an RMA before returning my modem?

Do I need an RMA before returning my modem?

Yes, you need to contact Nomad Internet prior to returning your modem. Per Nomad Internet's Terms of Service agreed to upon checkout, Section 4 states Failure to formally request a cancellation of your Membership, or shipping an item independently, may result in delays with closing your Membership and in continued Monthly Invoice collections

In order to do so, please fill out our online form here so one of our friendly customer service representatives can assist you. 

While a member may request cancellation for their membership at anytime, your subscription cancellation can only take place when your Nomad modem has been processed and returned to Nomad Internet. You will have a 14-Day Grace Period starting from the day your RMA instructions were sent to the email address we have on file. If Nomad's warehouse does not receive your modem back within 14-days after your RMA confirmation, your will continue to be billed for your subscription. 

If we do not receive your device within 30-days of receiving your RMA instructions, Nomad Internet will consider it stolen and you will be invoiced to replace the modem accordingly. 

Please check our Terms of Service to get additional details regarding our cancellation and refund policy. 

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