Can I use a standalone WiFi router or mesh system with my Nomad Modem to extend my range?

Can I use a standalone WiFi router or mesh system with my Nomad Modem to extend my range?

Yes, you can add a Wifi router or mesh system with your Nomad modem. By doing so, will enhance the range and reliability of your Wi-Fi.

We recommend using a Wi-Fi 6 technology Wi-Fi router or mesh system. We recommend Google Nest to extend your WiFi range.

We also recommend to not use a WiFi Extender over using a mesh system. Here is why: A WiFi extender receives a WiFi signal from your Nomad Modem which then broadcasts a new SSID in its coverage area. As you move through your home, RV or business, the extender will drop in signal strength due to range and eventually creating "noise" leading to your signal getting interrupted. When your Nomad modem receives too much "noise", your speeds will be affected, and your Nomad modem may disconnect altogether.

With a Wi-Fi mesh system, you will experience continuous coverage as you move about your home, RV or business. You will stay connected to your WiFi seamlessly no matter where you are.

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