How much speed do I need?

We often get asked "How fast is your service?" While this is an important question, there is a different question that is far more important.

The most important part of Internet speed is it being fast enough for what you want to do with it.

Our recommendation is to focus on the things you want to do VS just looking at speed test. What good are "speed test" if you still can't do what you want? As you consider what you will be using the Internet for, take inventory of the specific programs you will be using. Then, use the chart below to figure out what speeds you need.

Email & Instant Messenger
Examples: Gmail, Messages
Mbps Needed: 0.1

Voice Over IP
Examples: Skype Audio Call
Mbps Needed: 0.1

Music/Radio Streaming
Examples: Pandora, Spotify
Mbps Needed: 0.2

Social Media
Examples: Instagram, Facebook
Mbps Needed: 0.25

Video Call
Examples: Skype Video, DUO
Mbps Needed: 1.5

Web Browsing
Examples: Wikipedia, Google Web Results
Mbps Needed: 0.5

Video Download
Examples: YouTube 1080p
Mbps Needed: 4.5

Online Gaming
Examples: League of Legends
Mbps Needed: 2

Internet TV (streaming video)
Examples: Netflix, Hulu
Mbps Needed: 5

File Backups
Examples: Dropbox, Google Drive
Mbps Needed: 10

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