What is an Unsupported Device?

The only modems that are Certified to work with the Nomad Internet Plus and Prime Plans are:

  1. The Nomad Air
  2. The Nomad Raptor

All other modems, even if they work, are considered an “Unsupported Device” and may have service or quality issues.

Nomad Internet will provides two types of support:

  1. Lite Support: If you use an “Unsupported Device” Nomad Internet can not provide you with any technical support. We can only check to see if your SIM is Activated. Any further support must come from your Modem Manufacturer.
  2. Full Support: If you have a Nomad Air or Raptor Nomad Internet we will provide full speed, coverage, latency and hardware support

NOTE: “Unsupported Devices” will not support any Nomad Internet enhanced features, will have unpredictable speeds, and may stop working in the future.

Dec 21, 2022

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