I am a Nomad Legend Customer, can I keep my modem and use the new plan?

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When you originally purchased your Nomad Legend Plan, you paid a Membership Fee. This fee created your Nomad Legend Plan and is outlined here:

Separately, when you first purchased your service, you were mailed a modem that belonged to Nomad Internet that allowed you to use your Nomad Service.

We have decided to allow you to keep the original modem we sent you. It is yours to keep for FREE and it will not need to be returned!

Optionally, you may also subscribe to the new “Nomad Internet Unlimited Plan” and “Bring Your Own Equipment.”

You can subscribe to this Sim Only option with NO startup cost as an existing Nomad Legend Customer. You can purchase the “Bring your Own Device” plan at nomadinternet.com.

NOTE:  Your older "Nomad Legend" modems are now considered "Unsupported Devices" with the new Nomad Plan. It is possible the new Nomad Plan will work with your previous modem, however, Nomad can only provide support for Nomad modems.

Jan 30, 2023

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