How to cancel my Nomad Service?

Nomad Members are responsible for paying for the first month of service as well as a one-time membership fee, which covers the administration and support of your account. Membership includes equipment lease. Recurring monthly charges are based on the carrier plan chosen at the time of purchase. Plans may be changed by contacting Nomad Customer Service.

You may cancel your subscription with us at any time by simply returning your device and we never charge any cancellation fees! Easy, Simple, Clean!

If you need to cancel your Nomad Internet service or exchange your Nomad Modem, please visit our return portal at:

You can use the Nomad Return portal to ship your Nomad Modem back to us. Once we have received the Nomad Modem in the mail, we will automatically cancel and close your account. There is no need to contact us any further as the process is fully automated. Please allow 10-14 business days for this process to complete.

Jan 17, 2023

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