How does the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee Work?

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When you first ordered your service you were charged a setup fee. This setup fee pays for setting up your account, programming your equipment, and creating the actual service with one of our network partners.

We DO NOT charge you for your first month's service when you first purchased since you don't have actual access to your service. We want to make sure you only pay for what you use!

After your account is set up, we mail you the modem. While the modem is in transit to you, we activate it so your service is ready for you to use. Once we activate your modem you will get charged your first-month service.

From that point, you have 7 days to use the service to see how well it works for you. Information about your 7-day trial is explained on the cart page before you purchased here:

But here is the short version. If, for any reason, it does not work the way you need it to or you change your mind, you can call to cancel service at any time and return your items for a full refund.

Dec 17, 2022

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