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Here at Nomad Internet we love providing reliable internet service to our customers - and to their friends and family! Our referral program is a great way to earn free internet, and to share the Nomad love. Every customer is provided with a unique URL code when they sign up for service that can be used at any time to share with friends and family!

What does my friend get when I refer them?

When you send your unique URL code to your friend, they will be directed to our website. Once on our website, a box will pop up on the lower left side of the screen where they will be asked to enter their email to get a $25 coupon code sent to them! This one-time coupon code can then be applied towards their initial Membership Fee at checkout.

If your referral completes a purchase, they will get their own unique URL code once service begins so they too can earn free internet and refer their friends!

What do I get when I refer a friend?

Friends that you refer must complete a purchase in order for you to receive credit for referring them. Once your friend places their order, and upon completion of their trial period, you earn a free month of service! Awards are not eligible for referrals within their 7-day trial period or who are still awaiting their shipment.

When you share your code with your friends and they order through your link, you will also be notified of a new sign up under your account. You can check the details of your sign ups and keep track of your referrals through your portal at any time! And, if you refer 5 or more friends or family to our services, you can qualify for free internet for life!*

*Monthly rewards are awarded for every active friend or family member you refer who completes a purchase of a new Nomad Internet service, upon completion of their trial period. Awards are not eligible for referrals within their 7-day trial period or who cancel prior to an order being shipped. “Free Internet for Life” is awarded to customers who have successfullysigned up 5 new Nomad Internet subscribers who have completed their trial period, and for the duration of at least 5 active referrals maintaining service with the company. Refferals who cancel service or leave Nomad Internet may affect your eligibility for "Free Internet for Life".

Dec 17, 2022

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