Return Policy and Expectations

Cancellation requests must be submitted to our Customer Cancellation Line by calling (512) 668-1239. A customer service agent will then assist in providing you correct return instructions to include a Return Authorization Number (RMA) to reference on your return. Requests to cancel service that are submitted to or other communication channels will be responded to with the appropriate phone number to formally submit a cancellation request to this help line. Written requests to cancel service will not be processed as a formal request to terminate service.

Please be aware that you must contact Nomad BEFORE you return any item. DO NOT SHIP anything ahead of a formal cancellation request and a Nomad employee providing you with an RMA number and other instructions, as failure to formally request a cancellation of your membership, or shipping an item independently, may result in delays with closing your membership and in continued Monthly Invoice collections!

Shipping costs are non-refundable, and you will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs for returning your item. Please keep any return shipment receipts from the shipping carrier as we are not responsible for loss or damage of your return shipments!

Cancellation of any subscription can only take place when items issued by Nomad Internet have been returned and associated tracking information states that the unit has been received by Nomad Internet. This includes both routers and SIM cards issued by Nomad.

Billing is subject to continue until items belonging to Nomad Internet have been received and verified. Billing on the account will continue on the same 30 day bill cycle that was established upon receipt of the item by the customer. Any billing charged after the item has been sent back will be refunded as part of the return process upon receipt of the items back to Nomad Internet.

Once you have sent back your equipment, our shipping team will pick up your items and scan in your return within one business day. Once your item has been verified by shipping, our billing team is notified to begin the return process.
Returns will be processed within 12 - 14 business days from the date our team receives the item.

If you are within your money back guarantee period, a return of equipment back to Nomad will result in a full refund of the membership fee + the first monthly service fee.

For complete information on our cancelation and return policy please see our terms of service agreement.

Jul 5, 2022

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