Return Policy and Expectations

Returning your equipment to Nomad is easy!

If your plan didn't work as expected, or if you need to cancel your service, you can reach out to us at to receive a free return label to ship it back to us at no cost to you!

Once you have printed your return label and sent back your equipment, our shipping team will pick up your item from the post office, and scan in your return within one business day. Once your item has been verified by shipping, our billing team is notified to begin the return process.

Cancellation of any subscription can only take place when items issued by Nomad Internet have been returned and associated tracking information states that the unit has been received by Nomad Internet. This includes both routers and SIM cards issued by Nomad.

Billing is subject to continue until items belonging to Nomad Internet have been received and verified. Billing on the account will continue on the same 30 day bill cycle that was established upon receipt of the item by the customer. Any billing charged after the item has been sent back will be refunded as part of the return process upon receipt of the items back to Nomad Internet.

Once we have received the item back, we will verify it and process your return in 12 - 14 business days. If applicable, we will also issue any appropriate refunds on the same payment method you originally used.

If you are within your money back guarantee period, a return of equipment back to Nomad will result in a full refund of the membership fee + the first monthly service fee.

For complete information on our cancelation and return policy please see our terms of service agreement.

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