Exchanging Your Service

With Nomad Internet, we make changing your plan quick and painless. Our process is automated so you are never stuck and can always change. Please see below how we can help you with your exchange!

Exchanging Your Plan (within the 7-day Trial Period)

To begin your exchange, please click here to create an exchange label. We will provide a free return label for you to send your old equipment back to make the process easier. In the note section of the exchange sheet, simply let us know what plan you would like to try out and one of our friendly team members will reach out to you about getting you into a new plan once we process your return!

If you would like to expedite switching into a new plan ahead of a team member reaching out to you, you can visit our membership page and order your new plan ahead of time.

Exchanging Your Plan (outside the 7-day Trial Period)

If you are interested in exchanging your plan, but you are outside of your trial period, one of our team members can help you get into the right plan by contacting support@nomadinternet.com.

We will provide you an exchange label to use to send the old equipment back, and discuss with you a new plan that better fits your needs. A new order will need to be placed for whichever plan you are switching into, and we can help with this!

Upon receipt of the original equipment, a credit for the original membership fee will be put towards your new subscription and future billing!

* Please note that a credit for the original setup fee is only applicable on plans that are exchanged within 90 days of the original order. Exchange requests outside of this 90 day period are not subject to a credit for returned equipment.

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